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October 13, 2011
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Moon: green to challenge a boxing match
green: Then bring on the Moon
Luna: ok
* Green and Moon into the ring *
Moon: * focuses and relaxes *
green: Are you ready cause I will not stop Moon
moon because if you do not
* Greenie playing their gloves *
Moon: Green wins the best
* Round 1 start against Luna and green *

green: (Are you saying that the best woman win)
Luna: ok you win this fight
* Punches in face *
grren: * Green dodge and counter with quick right punch punch his left cheek is a success *

(Greenie is a fast attack fist)
moon: lol bad this is my fist * Quick response * kick with three headers
greenuch hey that's cheating!
Moon: predators are cheaters hehehe
Green: Well, I follow the rules of boxing and do not deceive me
Luna: ok ok
You better not cheat again
Luna: ok ok * I fist in the belly and a 5 in the face *
* Green was beaten belly and two hits from his face, but dodge and block your shot 3 and launches a quick jab and two hooks 6 times 3 times *
Moon: * 10 shots as fast in the face, hook 5, 7, in the belly and Hurricane and low *
* Green got up at 6 * Heh let's try again
(... Wtf is the biggest hit I have and not unconscious)
hehe good is green and I know they like to use muay tai boxing and my father
It really made to train hard?
Moon: If my father is a strong predator and loves me
Moon: fear now XD
Haa I'm afraid im not scared of man and beast XD
Luna: but the face so you have this ugly many are afraid
* Roll Dempsey and finally knocked him out *
* But not by knockout because your roll dodge Dempsey and then turn his blow * Now is my turn * Greenie left branch of the infamous coup called Green Dragon Fist * * She struck against Luna and blow away the ropes *
Moon: never give auch * Roll Dempsey, but 20 times worse and also on the ropes *
* Green dodge 20 times that good and throws his strong right uppercut to the chin and the strike, Luna is down and start counting *
moon slowly rises and gives a shout and super attacks like his father when he fights against foreigners, and then falls and is knocked down and start counting

* Green is KO but it's still green rose almost to have August 10 *
Inpressive Moon * pant * ^ _-
Moon: hehehehe give green or happens to you can not fight a hybrid like me

hehehehe I get to have im still stands ^ _-
Moon: * thinking *
(Since I can not believe that this range does not give up so easy)
I congratulate you hehehehehe strong green
Hey let's keep fighting, or what?
A: if .... as
Luna: if you win
I do not think Moon
Moon: So we'll see Dempsey + * Roll technique which makes his father and falls hucacan + knockout blow and start counting *

* Green was no knock out punches after the end of Moon falls hucacan, sudelly Greenie mark left eye is burning. That through your board and set off again from his infamous blow to the left again * Green * Dragon Fist Moon uppercut his strong chin and strike out the ring Swoosh * * pant * * pant pant * * * * on his Greenie looks tired *
* * Thought
(That is my secret technique tired hehehehehehe)
* A mega-hit in the stomach and is eventually eliminated
Green is by knockout, but something happened to Luna seems dizzy and off balance and fall off his leg. Now both are * knockout
I am but I will not surrender I was tired and dizzy
(The man who just do not like to lose eh Moon
Luna: huh? who you are
(Why am I the user of an external world)
Luna: huh? I do not understand, I think it beats the green lol
(Green never lost a fight and a little besides his famous blow could knock out)
Moon: Oh please, I and my dad is stronger I am the best of the tribe of some predators XD

(Well, you're half echidna predators and a half of course)
this story is sensitive to my friend * Gexon
on luna vs green
hopefully you like it
Nada mal.

Creo que la versiòn en Inglès saliò mejor, porque la versiòn en Español fue traducida literalmente y por eso tiene algunos errores.
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